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Elevate Yourself to the Life You Desire!

High powered sales professionals and entrepenuers join our Mastermind groups to achieve desired results by developing mindset habits and accountability practices resulting in professional and personal growth.

Are You Struggling to Achieve Your Potential?

In a small group we work together focusing on mindset, goal setting, brainstorming and accountability. Supporting each other to overcome challenges and limiting beliefs. You will rise a level, grow to the next, continue to thrive and create mastery.

Imagining the future shapes our lives. We create things twice, first in our mind then significantly. Visualize yourself as the star of your future.


Goals are to be realistic progress toward your vision. Being clear, focused, measurable and within a time frame.

Self Awareness

Identify gaps in skills, knowledge and beliefs that hinder reaching the vision. Conquering the gaps builds your confidence which results in an increase in performance.


With action you activate your next level. Prioritize steps with supportive tips, tools or strategy as you make progress.

Move Toward Your Dreams

Collaborating with a group of high performing achievers elevates your short term success to create a launch pad to your next achievement. Heightened performance results in  accomplishments that has you living your dreams.

“Invest in yourself as much as you can, you are by far your biggest asset”  ~ Warren Buffet



To get up; to become active.



Become greater; expand.



To prosper; be fortunate or successful.

Find Your New Narrative



Expertise; Victory


Rise Grow Thrive Mastery helps you focus on mindset, growth opportunities, obtaining goals and reaching your dreams.

Together, either in a micro-mastermind or one-on-one coaching, we look at where you are and what level you want to achieve. You receive coaching, strategies and support taking action in the direction of your next level.

There are many objects that keep us from reaching the next level. Fear, procrastination, excuses, negative self-talk to name a few. We help you become aware of the objects that are holding you back then guide you as work through them. Knowing you are not alone, having a coach and dynamic leaders by your side provides the power you need.
“I’m Connie Oller, Rise Grow Thrive Mastery founder, encouraging you towards your goals and dreams.”

Connie Oller

Connie Oller

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What Clients are Saying

Connie is a breath of fresh air and brings truth and care to all situations. Her ability to honor her commitment to herself makes it easy to want to follow her. Connie is someone I turn to for advice and someone who I can count on to remind me of my own strength. I am grateful to have her in my corner.
Felecia Montoya
Connie's Mastermind Group has been beyond supportive in not only growing my business, helping me stay focused and keeping me organized, motivated and structured, it's also been my main line of support personally. I'm a seasoned Real Estate Agent, single-mother of two teenage daughters and navigating my business and personal life is a challenge. My Mastermind Group encourages me to dig deeper, they call me out when I'm making excuses for myself and continuously push me to be better in all aspects of my life. Connie's leadership in our group to guide us all is supportive, genuine and caring. I truly have grown to depend on my Mastermind Team and am confident in saying that any of us could call upon each other for anything personally or business-related and they'd have our backs in a second. Simply put, this is my FAVORITE group I'm involved in and I'm so grateful to Connie for all of her continued support and friendship!
Tabatha Ratliff
Connie is truly unique in her market. She genuinely cares about your success and strives to make your success her success. She is thorough and considers all aspects when making a decision and puts the priorities of her clients and colleagues before her own interests. I am very cautious what business and personal relationships I include in my toolbox and Connie is truly that foundational piece I could never do without. I am very glad to have her expertise, knowledge, insight and friendship. I highly recommend Connie to anyone looking for a great lender or business coach.
Kevin Sanchez
Connie's Mastermind has been a game changer in my career and my every day life. The accountability and camaraderie from Connie and the other people in my group have helped me get to a successful position in my Real Estate business. Connie seems to know just what I need to hear when I share a particular struggle. Her coaching style for me was a motherly touch with a little bit of tough love when called for. I will stay in this Mastermind group for as long as I am possibly able to.
Joshua Rogne